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Miguel Torres - Amber Delight

  • Medium:         Oil 
  • Frame Size:    126cm x 126cm

Miguel Torres was born in Madrid in 1948. Talented from an early age, he was awarded a coveted place to study art at the famous and prestigious Bellas Artes of San George in Barcelona. It was here that Miguel absorbed the influences of some of the country's most revered teachers and resident artists. He immersed himself in the world of art and culture, spending much of his time in the Miro Museum.

Miguel paints en plein air (outdoors on location) in oils on canvas. His landscapes, vibrant and brimming with light and colour, call to mind the heat of the Mediterranean and represents a vivid heartfelt tribute to the artist's homeland. He has become a well established name on the Spanish contemporary scene and is now making an impact in Europe.   

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