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Kerr Rodgie - Wild Flowers

  • Medium:         Oil 
  • Frame Size:   90cm x 83cm

Kerr Rodgie is the son of Lynn Rodgie, and if his work were any less spectacular, that might be the main draw to his work; but his paintings truly stand on it's own and is utterly dazzling.

Kerr uses oil on canvas to masterful effect, as if he'd been doing it for decades. Though the artist is youthful, his work reflects an incredible mature and subdued character. It takes a lot of strength as an artist to be reserved with colour and lighting, especially in a world where brightness and vibrancy seems to be the way forward.

We love Kerr's work. The landscapes he recreates are utterly picturesque and the attention to detail and subtlety of the colour in his pieces is something quite unique. Kerr's work is already well renowned, and there is no doubt that he is becoming quite prolific.

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