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Peter Nardini - Rooftops in Cortona, Tuscany

  • Medium:         Acrylic 
  • Frame Size:    34cm x 34cm

Peter Nardini is a Scottish artist born to a well known Italian immigrant family in 1947. He's lived a storied life that has seen him in all manner of occupations and circumstances. He decided in his early 20s to seek the kind of formal education that would see him really flourish as a creative and specifically as a contemporary fine artist.

There is definitely a bit of Edward Hopper in many of Nardini's paintings. He picks his scenes with such a deft hand and paints them with this gorgeous atmospheric quality. He paints all manner of subjects in a range of sizes and manages to fill every single piece with some incredibly detailed shadow and light work. 

Nardini's work looks fantastic on the wall, and he paints a scene for every type of observer.

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