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Marc Esteve - Treasure on the Rocks

  • Medium:         Oil 
  • Frame Size:   128cm x 88cm                                                                

Marc Esteve is a renowned Spanish artist from Alcoy who is perhaps the most masterful hyper-realist artist of our times. The degree to which the detail in his work shines through is nothing short of exceptional and it is absolutely no wonder that his work can be found in collections across the globe.

Esteve combines honest and evocative scenes with some of the fantastic lighting and colour to create ultra-realistic paintings of some already stunning subjects. He paints the sea so deftly and the way he allows the sun to reflect from every surface in his paintings is breathtaking.

Esteve's work is almost unlike anything else you've ever seen. Owning an original from this artist is one of the most joyful experiences an art lover can achieve. 

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