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Fleetwood - E-Type

  • Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
  • Frame Size: 98cm x 83cm

Born in North London in 1986, Fleetwood's remarkable artistic ability was clear from an early age, and he set his sights on becoming a professional artist whilst still at school. He studied art and photography to A Level, followed by a degree in Illustration at Middlesex. On leaving University he found employment in a Mayfair art gallery, before moving to Hertfordshire to focus on selling his own work.

It was not until 2013 that Fleetwood began to create the bold, dynamic car pieces he is now famed for. Combining the artists three great passions for film, art and classic vehicles, his dramatic paintings depict iconic cars with an urban, contemporary edge. His fearless use of colour and extreme attention to detail result in pieces which are at once eye-catching and exceptionally skilled in their execution.

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