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Fabian Perez - Waiting for the Romance to Come Back

  • Medium: Limited Edition Giclée on Canvas
  • Frame Size: 57cm x 57cm

Born in 1967, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Fabian Perez is a world-wide recognised artist.  For Fabian, the purpose of art is to perpetuate beauty.  “That is what I am always striving for. God created the world and embellished it with the wonders of nature.  I think it is the artist’s job to embellish it with his work.”

“I am constantly fighting for a more romantic world, one where the woman and the man have defined roles and power isn’t always the goal.” Pausing, he says, “I would like to say that it is not important what you have, but how you enjoy it.”

The scenes from his youth in Argentina reflect a time that, in his view, is more romantic than the present day. “A time when the man would take pride in shaving or simply fixing his tie. And the woman would follow a routine of slow and sensual movements, seducing a man just by lighting a cigarette.”

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