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Allison Young - June Morning, Gott Bay, Tiree

  • Medium:       Oil & Acrylic

  • Frame Size:  73cm x 73cm
Allison graduated from Edinburgh in 1988 with a First and then spent a year studying in Łódź, in Poland. From then on she’s been living and painting in Edinburgh and has a studio with WASPS in Dalry. Her paintings are mostly of East Lothian and Tiree.

“Tiree is perfect to paint: it always seems to be sunny, and the sea is so blue - people who haven’t been to Tiree have said that the sea could never be as blue as it is in my paintings. I also like the fact that being an island, Tiree is a finite, enclosed space - I like to return to the same beaches again and again and paint them in different weathers and seasons. The emptiness of the beaches reduces the landscape to sea, sand and sky.”

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